MC100 WMBus

Monitor and manage building systems remotely

Remote monitoring through LTE connection

Smaller properties or existing buildings often do not have a bus structure or Internet connection to monitor and manage building services. Wireless sensors and LTE routers or LTE modems offer an alternative here for monitoring and controlling systems or implementing alarm functions.

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Energy and plant management

Remote monitoring of building services systems allows them to be monitored and controlled as needed without an on-site presence, opening up potential energy savings. In addition, technology from MC Technologies is suitable for recording and transmitting consumption data without requiring access to rented areas – and all this without a fixed DSL line and the corresponding construction costs. MC Technologies devices thus enable the implementation of the requirements of the EED directive.

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Alarm and access management

The wireless connection of the building services can also be used to transmit alarms from the systems so that defects are known before they are reported by the building users. The technology is also suitable for retrofitting emergency call systems, e.g. in elevators, or for remotely activating electronic locking systems. By dispensing with an extra DSL line, this solution is predestined for existing buildings.

central heating and cooling system control in a boiler room

Control heating, hot water and air-conditioning systems, record consumptions

The MC100 WMBUS gateway can be used to collect measured values in the building and transmit them to a control center. The device communicates wirelessly with the sensors and the control center – thanks to wireless M-Bus and LTE module. This allows, for example, the monitoring of heating and air conditioning systems or the remote reading of heat and water meters.


Alarm management for building services equipment

To detect interference, the MC92 LTE modem is a cost-effective solution. It can monitor the operational status of equipment and send both alarms and commands (such as an emergency shutdown). Alarms can be SMS, email or IoT message – or several of them in parallel.


Monitoring and emergency call function for elevators

Devices like the MC100 and MC Technologies’ router solutions are ideal for retrofitting existing elevators. Thanks to LTE, no expensive cabling is needed to monitor operations or provide an emergency call system (voice-over-LTE). This allows defects to be detected quickly and increases safety for users.

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