MC92 Alarm-Terminal

Grid and Infrastructure systems – Media flows become transparent

Monitor systems and record quantities

Electricity, gas, water or district heat networks include many systems at distant locations. MC Technologies provides valuable services which allow media flows in these systems to be monitored, consumption to be recorded and switching operations to be carried out remotely. You can contact our specialists via or by contact form.

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Record quantities and consumption

Electricity and gas flows at transfer points in a local network must, be recorded and the data securely transmitted. Data recording and secure provision of information play an important role in this regard. Corresponding MC Technologies devices are designed for use in critical infrastructures, thus ensuring secure data transmission.

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Remote controlling of systems

MC Technologies offers a range of devices which make it possible to carry out switching operations in the field even if there are no wired communications systems. In some cases the devices can also be used as controllers. Valves or pumps, can be remotely activated or, conversely, their status or setting can be recorded and transmitted to the control centre.

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Monitoring of transfer points

MRLQ routers can be used to monitor transfer points in electricity or gas networks. These stations have upstream meters which are read before the medium is transferred into the local network as well as facilities for the setting up of maintenance access points via VPN to carry out remote maintenance. The MRLQ router is a rail-mounted module with the extensive security features required for critical infrastructures.


Monitoring and switching

The MC92 modem is available in a variety of versions which can be used, for example, for switching and monitoring. The device has multiple I/Os for the connection of sensors and actuators. For example, gate valves or pumps can be operated remotely or, conversely, their status or position can be recorded and transmitted to the control center.


Measuring of consumption and identification of leaks

The MC100 WMBUS plus corresponding wireless sensors can be used to record and transmit meter readings without complicated, expensive cables being required. The technology can also be used to identify and report leaks in water systems, avoiding major damage to the network and making planning of repairs easier.

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