MC-MR-L2 Router

Manage vending and ticket machines remotely

Remote access to vending machines

LTE connections to ticket and vending machines or to pay-at-the-pump filling stations enable access even where a DSL connection is lacking. This allows connections to be set up to remotely located points of sale, such as food vending machines at farm shops, or data to be transmitted from mobile units, for example on buses or trams. LTE technology also offers advantages in buildings with IT networks since-vending machines can be operated without a dedicated data cable, minimizing cable laying and installation costs as well as interference with the building IT infrastructure. You can contact our specialists via or by contact form.

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Stationary vending machines

MC Technologies MRLQ routers are used in many stationary ticket and vending machines or pay-at-the-pump systems. This allows to process payment transactions (credit card debits, etc.) and, for example, to carry out remote maintenance procedures. The routers can be used to make changes to vending machine user interfaces, to alter prices or to display advertising.

With the help of Telemetry Vending, error conditions and malfunctions can be detected and reacted to immediately. This serves to optimize business processes and increase vending machine availability.


Mobile vending machines

The passenger wi-fi systems which may be installed on buses or trains are not secure enough to be used for transmission of customer data and payment information. Devices such as the programmable MC100 are ideal to integrate small ticket vending machines on buses and trains using a secure LTE connection. For such applications, the MC100 is available as a complete device or as an OEM circuit board version.

By using IoT-capable routers, it is also possible to network a wide variety of devices dynamically with each other. A connection to devices in the smart traffic sector is conceivable, for example, in order to supply ticket vending machines with traffic data in real time and, for example, to notify customers of possible delays or route changes.

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