People strive for happiness – companies strive to become faster, better and more efficient. The next generation of mobile communications is based on the Long Term Evolution (LTE). The expansion enables frequency ranges, higher data rates, higher frequency capacity and most importantly: transmission of data in real time. We are working today for a successful tomorrow.

For a long time now, the exchange of information has not only taken place from person to person

The networking of people or machines in real time with the help of the 5G network has been expanded since 2019, the demand in everyday life and buisness operations is increasing daily. New company models and manufacturing concepts are tried out, new opportunities arise. Those who react quickly create competitive advantages. High-performance wireless infrastructure is expensive to purchase, but allows you to set up your own networks and adapt them to your personal application.

You gain the control over your security, structure and decision as to which equipment is used in your own campus network. Less risk, quick response time, more efficient. The investment pays off.

5G will accelerate the Internet of Things. Whether in buildings, machines or logistics chains – our 5G modules and antennas will support you. Agriculture, which until now has hardly benefited from the cellular network, is gaining great advantages. Long harvest days would be superfluous with autonomous driving and monitoring of the entire harvest would be possible in one place.

5G antennas – High frequencies, wide frequency range, flexible mounting options.

By combining our 5G antennas with the appropriate Quectel 5G modules you will be able to achieve data rates of up to 2.5 Gbps, with the lowest latency due to the high 5G frequencies. Applications that were technically impossible can now be implemented.