The smart MC Technologies solution – a smart way to climate protection

The automatic transfer of measured data has been making our professional and private lives easier for years now. With the wireless communication interface M-Bus a lot more became possible.

The wireless M-Bus is used, wherever laying cables would be too complex or not possible at all. Whether in buildings or outdoors, large measurement networks with hundreds of sensors can be set up in a very short time.

WMBus all-in-one solution, you can monitor the temperatures of your heating systems and machines, avoid the formation of legionella or monitor the air quality of offices or other private and public buildings or even animal stalls in agriculture.

Battery-operated radio sensors for an easy installation.

Within a radius of up to 1 km, data from different buildings can be managed with just one MC gateway as a collection point. Our battery-operated technology enables quick and inexpensive installation, even without trained specialists.

Legionella monitoring in central hot water preparation systems, the monitoring of CO2 as well as humidity values in the building can effectively and inexpensively avoid possible health problems of your tenants or employees and avoid damages to the building fabric. Our cost-effective solution brings further savings.

The fast, central access to the collected data allows malfunctions to be recognized quickly, also via corresponding alarms. The continuous condition monitoring of devices, machines and systems shows you where a process can be improved or where a quick reaction is needed in order to avoid downtime costs.

MC100 WMBus terminal with wireless M-Bus sensor NTC

LTE Gateway MC100 with WMBUS
• wireless technology
• Ethernet
• optional digital inputs and outputs
• programmable (Linux / Node-RED
• local data storage
• visualization directly in the device
• forwarding to any server

Sensor technology
• Battery-operated temperature / humidity / CO² sensors
• quick and easy installation (no electrician required)
• adjustable transmission intervals
• compatible with all OMS 4.0 gateways