MC Technologies - Think consciously - act sustainably

Sustainability is a principle of action in the use of resources. The aim is to ensure that needs are met in the long term by preserving the natural regenerative capacity of the systems involved, especially living organisms and ecosystems. (Source: Wikipedia)

For us, sustainability is an important part of our corporate strategy. We are continuously working to establish a resource and environmentally friendly approach along the entire value chain in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

What we have already achieved

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Supplier management: Conscious selection of our suppliers based on defined key figures and benchmarks.


Paper: We have digitized our office as far as possible and only print when it is really necessary.


Packing: In shipping, we use good condition cartons and packing material several times. For some customers we work with pendulum packaging.


Give-aways: We have also been focusing on sustainability for a long time in our advertising materials. For our customers and employees, for example, we have cloth bags and ballpoint pens with standard refills.


Lighting: We replace old and broken fluorescent tubes and bulbs with modern LEDs.


Reusable: We now only buy drinks in glass bottles to avoid plastic and waste.


Mobile working: We enable our employees to work from home, saving emissions caused by commuting.


Vehicle fleet: Successive conversion of the vehicle fleet to e-cars.

What we will do in the future

  • Determine, certify and optimize carbon footprint for our products
  • Determine, certify and optimize CarbonFootprint for our company
  • Using the Green Balance as an opportunity to make CO2 emissions sustainable

MC Technologies as your partner for more sustainability

We are not only committed to environmental protection and the sustainable use of resources internally – we will be happy to advise you on how you can achieve greater sustainability in your company.

With our energy management software solution in cooperation with deZem, we enable you to monitor your systems and production facilities in order to optimize your energy consumption.

By using IoT solutions in building automation, you can measure data such as energy consumption and CO₂ emissions from buildings in real time. You can not only use this data for general evaluation, you can also have automated reactions carried out, such as opening windows or regulating heating systems.

Predictive maintenance of industrial systems can help you to prevent damage to machines and materials, thereby conserving resources. With our condition monitoring solutions, we enable you to detect possible wear as early as possible.

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