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Your partner for industrial
data transmission and connection technology

MC Technologies designs, develops and manufactures its own complete hardware and software solutions for industrial data transmission via mobile communications (M2M/IoT) – industrial PCs, industrial routers, data terminals and gateways, adaptable to your individual project requirements. In addition, MC Technologies offers individual cable assemblies according to customer requirements, from RF cables to complex cable harnesses. The distribution of connectors, antennas and wireless modules from leading manufacturers rounds off the product range.

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Industry-specific solutions


Wireless monitoring and maintenance of industrial machines

  • Mobile network routers for remote monitoring
  • Condition monitoring
  • Remote Control


Grid and Infrastructure systems – Media flows become transparent

  • Monitor systems and record quantities
  • Record quantities and consumption
  • Remote controlling of systems

Building services

Monitor and manage building systems remotely

  • Remote monitoring through LTE connection
  • Energy and plant management
  • Alarm and access management

Traffic & Logistics

Intelligent traffic systems: traffic control via mobile communications

  • Mobile network technology for provision of information and controlling of systems

  • Passenger information systems
  • Traffic monitoring


Manage vending and ticket machines remotely

  • Remote access to vending machines
  • Stationary vending machines
  • Mobile vending machines


Weather data recording, pollutant measurement and transmission

  • Data transmission without a DSL connection
  • Transmission of weather data
  • Forwarding of contaminant levels