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We offer a carefully selected range of 5G antennas for routers, buildings and vehicles that are specially designed to take full advantage of the new 5G network. Thanks to the extremely fast data transmission in the gigabit range and the very short latency times, the 5G antennas enable the transmission of high data volumes and the use of real-time applications. By purchasing a 5G antenna, you open up completely new possibilities for your company, from improved communication systems to innovative IoT solutions.

5G antennas: Manufacturer

At MC Technologies you can buy 5G antennas from various renowned manufacturers. This variety allows you to find the perfect antenna for your individual requirements.

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MC Technologies as distributor for 5G antennas

Buy high-quality 5G antennas now and immerse yourself in the world of fast data transmission!

As an authorized sales partner of Panorama Antennas, a renowned English antenna manufacturer, we present you with an extensive range of
High-performance antennas at attractive prices. Our diverse range includes antennas for a wide variety of applications, including LTE450, LTE, 5G, smart metering, building technology, industrial applications, MIMO systems and specially developed antennas for vehicles and the railroad industry. With Panorama Antennas, we guarantee you access to premium antennas that optimally meet your requirements in modern communication technology.

In our range of control cabinet and roof antennas, we carry the proven and reliable products of the German manufacturer Reel. These antennas are characterized in particular by their high resistance to vandalism and offer first-class quality. They are equipped with a particularly high protection class of up to IP69k, which makes them ideal for demanding operating conditions. With Reel antennas, you get a combination of robustness, reliability and the highest protection class for your specific requirements.

With our high-quality own brand “Smart Collection”, we present you with a comprehensive selection of high-performance antennas designed for a wide range of applications – and at extremely competitive prices. Our range covers everything from traditional industrial and remote maintenance antennas, smart meter solutions to state-of-the-art 5G antennas. We also offer special antennas for outdoor use, ideal for installation in machines, vehicles or on ships. Our “Smart Collection” range of antennas stands for quality and versatility to meet your specific requirements.

What do you need to consider when choosing a 5G antenna?

Certain 5G antennas are suitable for different requirements and areas of application. Among other things, we offer 5G directional antennas that require a specific orientation to achieve their full range. These are ideal if you need a strong and far-reaching signal in a specific direction. We also offer 5G omnidirectional antennas, which are more flexible to place as they do not require any special alignment. They are well suited for areas where a shorter range is sufficient or omnidirectional coverage is required. All our antennas are characterized by their backwards compatibility, which also makes them ideal for 4G or LTE connections. This versatility guarantees you broad applicability and future-proofing for various communication technologies.

The difference between 5G SISO and MIMO antennas

5G usage types:
● SISO antennas: Use the 5G network between 3800 MHz and 6000 MHz.
Single channel for data transmission.
● MIMO antennas: Required for full 5G features. Multiple transmit and receive elements (e.g. 4×4 MIMO) for improved data transmission and signal quality.

The differences between SISO and MIMO antennas for 5G lie in their ability to transmit data and improve signal quality.

SISO stands for Single Input Single Outputand means that one antenna is used for transmitting and receiving data. In other words, a SISO antenna has only one channel for data transfer.

MIMO stands for Multiple Input Multiple Outputand refers to an antenna configuration that uses multiple antenna elements to transmit and receive data. MIMO antennas can have either two, three or more antenna elements in one package.
A MIMO antenna uses a technology called Spatial Multiplexing to send multiple signals over the same radio frequency. This means that a MIMO antenna can transmit and receive multiple data streams simultaneously, increasing the transmission rate.

In comparison, a SISO antenna can only transmit and receive one data stream at a time. Therefore, the maximum data transmission rate is limited when using SISO antennas.

Only with this MIMO technology can you achieve the high data rates and low latency that 5G technology offers and constitutes.

An example

If you run a 5G router with only a “5G-enabled” SISO antenna, it will use the 5G network (when available), but will remain in the 10-100 Mbit speed range, with latency similar to the LTE network.
Only by using a tuned 5G MIMO antenna can the same device achieve the high data rates and low latency that the 5G network actually offers.

It depends on your application. For an application with low data volumes that is not “time-critical”, one can use the 5G network with a “5G-capable” SISO antenna and thus future-proof oneself as far as the network or frequency is concerned.

However, if high data rates and short latency times are required, e.g. for real-time applications, 5G MIMO antennas are essential to achieve “real 5G”.

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