Reliable wireless transmission of measured values from gas transfer stations

There is a high degree of transparency at gas transfer stations; the flow of the energy carrier is precisely recorded there. However, it is not only the precise quantity measurement that is important, but also the correct temporal assignment of the measured values and the reliable transmission of the data. Honeywell offers utilities, municipal utilities and gas network operators the enCore ZM1 Elster state volume corrector for this purpose – a future-proof solution that allows wireless data retrieval using MC Technologies’ mobile routers.

The enCore ZM1 corrector is an industrial process computer that can process the input signals of various types of gas meters. It is primarily used for the (official) measurement of consumption data, the archiving of measured values and meter readings, and operational monitoring and control tasks.

Reliably transmit consumption data with mobile router

To ensure that the collected data is reliably evaluated, the corrector has an integrated digital interface for gas measuring instruments. The relevant information reaches the receiver wirelessly via cellular routers from MC Technologies. The router is connected to the enCoreZM1 via a TCP/IP interface. Meanwhile, our 4G LTE routers are being used; previously, the state volume switchers were combined with our 3G UMTS routers.

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Optional GPRS or GSM operation

Data transmission can be done via GPRS or GSM, because the routers support three modes of operation:

  • GSM operation: Data is transmitted exclusively via the GSM part of the router in dial-up mode (Circuit Switched Data – CSD for short). The CSD is a circuit-switched data service in mobile communications. The data connection is established from the cell phone to a (any) remote station.
  • GPRS operation: The data reaches the destination exclusively via the GPRS network connection.
  • GPRS/GSM operation: Here, the data is normally transferred via the GPRS connection. However, in case of an incoming or outgoing GSM call, the GPRS connection is temporarily frozen and the data flows through the GSM part of the router in dialing mode. After that, the router will automatically switch back to GPRS mode.

Both GPRS and GSM allow outgoing or incoming calls. The GSM part of the router must be permanently set to automatic mode and be able to accept incoming data connections or incoming connections and make outgoing data connections.

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Customized router software

These mobile routers differ from our others in that they are customized, because we have developed extra software for Honeywell and added it to the routers. It offers the possibility of partial remote parameterization and CSD control (control of dialing operation) via the network.

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Router provides PTB time signal

The industrial routers can also dial up the time server of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) and provide the enCore ZM1 with the time information. Due to the synchronization with the PTB time signal, the measured values are cleanly assigned to the measuring time.

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