Your competent EMS service provider from Hanover for SMD and THT assembly of prototypes and small series

With the takeover of the equipment from the dissolution of the company GF Elektronik, we are now also a service provider for SMD and THT PCB assembly of samples and small series in industrial quality. In addition, we offer the service of assembly rework. We rework misassembled printed circuit boards or realize complete conversions in small series.

As a competent specialist for EMS services in the field of sample, prototype and series assembly, we create individual solutions for our customers in the shortest possible delivery time – our motto: “Your project is our challenge.”

Our range of services includes the following areas:

  • Procurement of solder paste stencils including adaptation of the solder pad geometry according to IPC guideline 7525A
  • Procurement of printed circuit boards
  • SMD and THT PCB assembly, also double-sided
  • Complete apparatus construction including programming (flashing) and final testing, according to your specifications
  • Execution of tests according to given specifications
  • Programming (flashing) of assemblies, according to your specifications
  • Rework of assemblies
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Our EMS services at a glance

Component preparation

Before processing, all components are checked for completeness and correctness before they are fed into the SMD or THT assembly process. In the event of incorrect deliveries or discrepancies, the customer will be informed immediately so that the delivery date is not put in jeopardy. We are your competent EMS service provider.


Placement of SMD sample assemblies and small series

One of our strengths is to assemble sample PCBs in SMD and wired in industrial quality in express service or short delivery times.

Our extensive equipment allows us to generate production-ready placement programs based on the data provided by your layout system. This eliminates the need for time-consuming programming work, which can lead to misinterpretation and misplacement.

Once the placement programs have been processed, they can be transferred to our placement machines for series production without any additional costs.

Here’s what we need from you for a sample assembly:

  • CAD data with rotation angle, component value and X/Y coordinates in millimeters
  • Template data in ext. Gerber RS274
  • Assembly diagram
  • Component list (BOM) for comparison
  • Printed circuit boards, we are happy to procure these for you from selected partners
  • Components, gladly also belt sections or individually
  • You are also welcome to provide your components

Component spectrum:

  • 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 and larger
  • ICs fine pitch up to 0.4mm pitch
  • Fine-pitch ICs, if possible in tray or rod

Soldering the circuit boards

Vapor phase

  • Vapor phase soldering is used for very sensitive circuits and for double-sided assembly.
  • Small series are subjected to the steam brazing process.
  • Gentle soldering for printed circuit boards and sensitive components.
  • Circuits with large copper areas mixed with sensitive components are soldered gently.

Selective soldering

  • In the case of single-sided or double-sided assembly with SMD or THT components, the selective soldering system can be used and replace manual soldering of the THT components.
  • The interior (soldering area) can be individually adapted to the PCB size.
  • Different solder nozzles are used for the individual soldering process.

Drag soldering

  • For customer-specific requirements, we still like to use the drag soldering process.
  • For example, circuits with coarse and/or heavy components find a uniform soldering there in a short but effective soldering process due to the complete heating.

SMD assembly

We have 2 fully automatic placement machines which are networked with each other. A placement rate of 15,000 components per hour would be feasible. Short set-up times allow us to respond flexibly to your wishes, or to be able to manufacture different projects in parallel.

For your single-sided sample or prototype production up to 10 pieces as well as for double-sided or mixed assembly and higher quantities, please contact us. We are here for you!

We have various fully automatic machines, stencil printer, selective soldering machine, vapor phase and semi-automatic machines for sample assembly.

THT assembly (conventional assembly)

Where automated assembly cannot take place, our trained personnel perform manual PCB assembly with the highest precision.

Individual workstations for:

  • THT assembly
  • Rework
  • Assembly work and equipment manufacturing

PCB rework and conversion of finished devices

Rework of printed circuit boards and finished devices

The reworking of printed circuit boards and components is becoming increasingly interesting in today’s world, because it happens again and again that there are supply bottlenecks for components.
As an EMS service provider, we have recently started offering this service, which may be of interest to you from the following points of view.

Where is the rework applied?

Most often, reworking is applied in industrial electronics, automotive, telecommunications, medical and aerospace industries. If done properly, the life expectancy is just as long as a newly manufactured assembly.

The following steps are performed in the repair process

  1. Desoldering of the defective or incorrectly placed components
  2. Residual solder removal on the printed circuit board
  3. Application of new solder paste to the printed circuit board and/or components
  4. Placement of the new or reworked components
  5. Soldering and testing

For more information, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Conversion of finished devices according to your specifications

Rework of misassembled PCBs from your assembler can be rebuilt and tested by us in a short time according to your specifications. Often a repair is cheaper and faster than a new production.

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