Telemetry solution for commercial coffee machines

Networked coffee machine: increasing efficiency through telemetry

In close cooperation with WMF’s coffee machine product management, MC Technologies has developed a system for remote maintenance of WMF coffee machines.

With more than 320 service technicians, WMF has the largest in-house service in the field of commercial coffee machines in Europe. To support this, MC Technologies has developed a customized telemetry solution.

Service technicians can now view machine data via the Internet, providing crucial support for rapid fault analysis and rectification. This avoids unnecessary travel, increases the effectiveness of the service, and at the same time improves the quality of the service and thus customer satisfaction. A real win-win situation.

The coffee machines are equipped with the mobile terminal MC88i*. The MC88i* is a proprietary development of MC Technologies and has important functions, such as watchdog and always-on mode, which are intended to guarantee a secure and reliable connection.

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Querying the data

Querying the data

By means of a Java application on the mobile modem, the data from the coffee machine is continuously queried and, depending on the priority, sent ad-hoc or at a later time via the Vodafone network to a communications server (middleware) and stored on a central database.

The machine data can be accessed at any time from any location via the “M2MGate WebPortal”. With the newly developed monitoring solution, which is based on the standard solution of the “M2MGate Network” of the company Inside M2M, detailed information – in advance of the service call – is now available to the service technicians at any time.

Proactive repairs

Proactive repairs

The most important points of the new solution: The coffee machines also independently send the internal error logs to the control center. The WMF service can use these logs to draw conclusions about any impending major faults and now proactively carry out a repair. Expensive downtimes are thus avoided. In addition, the meter readings of the various coffee specialties are also sent, making billing processes easier and faster.

Published Funkschau 14.02.2013

*WMF has been using a new MC Technologies development since 2019.

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