Smart Meter Antennas, Cables & Accessories for Digital Electricity Meters and Gateways

Uniform framework conditions for the installation of intelligent metering systems (iMSys) and smart meter gateways (SMGw) are searched for in vain by the installer on site, as there is no standard for the installation of intelligent electricity meters (smart meters).

At MC Technologies, we are ideally equipped for the digitalisation of the energy transition: We have the necessary experience with many partners, manufacturers and energy suppliers and have the right accessories such as smart meter antennas and smart meter cables in our portfolio.

We expand your smart meter gateway or turn your digital meter into a smart metering system

With our iMSys or SMGw connection set, in addition to the smart meter antennas (FAKRA), which are essential for installation, you also receive FNN-compliant connection cables as standard and Y-connections as well as LMN (Local Meter Network) cables in various lengths. Furthermore, we carry modular plugs with 120 Ohm terminating resistor and cable bushings for the meter cabinets. We manufacture individual special solutions according to the customer’s requirements.

It is important for us to accompany you in all your questions and to offer you an ideal solution from our iMSys accessories package.

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