Condition monitoring

Safety for machines and people through early detection of critical conditions

Condition monitoring is the continuous monitoring of the condition of devices, machines and systems. For this purpose, physical variables such as temperature, pressure or filling level are regularly measured by sensors and the data collected, analyzed and evaluated. Condition monitoring helps to notice changes in processes more quickly and to better coordinate machine maintenance, for example. In addition, remote monitoring often allows faults to be detected so early that repairs can be planned in good time and machine or plant downtime can be avoided.

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In production

With condition monitoring, you continuously monitor the condition of your machines. With the monitoring you collect data which helps you to optimize the machine processes and thus to increase the capacity. The data collected will not only help you increase productivity, but also prevent damage. By networking all processes and workflows, you have a complete overview.

In building services engineering

Condition monitoring also performs well in building automation – for example, to prevent legionella in hot water systems. For this purpose, sensors permanently record the supply and return temperature of the system and send the measured values via Sigfox or WMBUS to our MC100 terminal as a “collection point”.


In animal stables

One of the ways successful growers use smart farming is to make their animals as comfortable as possible. For example, it is important to monitor temperatures, humidity and light levels in the large barns and to regulate the barn climate. It is also important to control ammonia concentrations as part of digital farming.