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Against the background of rising energy costs, the monitoring and supervision of plants and production facilities has become increasingly important. MC Technologies has intensified its partnership with our long-standing customer deZem here.

We now offer hardware + software from a single source. deZem has been successfully using MC Technologies’ hardware in its own projects for many years. The implementation and integration of the sensor technology (energy consumption, temperature, air quality, humidity level, flow, sound, vibration, etc.) can be realized within a few days and the values are visible in the dashboard within a few minutes. The dashboard is web-based and therefore available on desktop PC and all mobile devices.

The dashboard is individually configurable and can therefore also be designed for pure users. In addition to live values, various time series can also be graphically evaluated and archived. The creation of a digital twin is possible without any problems. Intuitive alarm management can also be implemented by defining threshold values. All data and reports can be easily extracted to Excel, SAP and other formats.

The evaluations are possible in the following categories:

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Commercial evaluations

  • Totals and breakdowns of consumption and costs
  • KPI per building, area, energy type
  • Reports with evaluations

Technical evaluations

  • Load profiles, evaluation of energy quantities
  • Power peaks, consideration of photovoltaics, CHP, …
  • Early warning system maintenance

Process-oriented evaluations

  • Efficiency and process flows in heating centers
  • Operation and design
  • Balancing groups, losses in heat supply

The data is stored on 3 servers certified in Germany, but can also be stored exclusively locally if desired.

Energy management software: deZem DataSuite

The modules: web-based, desktop or mobile


  • Manage users, sensors and measurement series
  • Define KPIs
  • Set alarms


  • Compact and clear energy reports
  • Include recipient groups
  • intuitive alarm management
  • Further processing in MS Excel, SAP, etc. possible


  • interactive visualization
  • intuitive operation
  • Detailed analysis
  • diverse representations


  • custom dashboards
  • easy to configure
  • Live monitoring
  • Events
  • Sensor Landscapes
  • Digital twins
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