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Hardware and portal solution for energy management systems

The MC100 SensorBox is a data logger that has been specially developed for recording measured values, e.g. in process control systems and energy management systems. It enables data to be recorded via various interfaces such as Modbus TCP/RTU, M-Bus, KNX, SAIA S-Bus and OPC UA.

What is LTE Cat 1.bis?

LTE Cat 1.bis, an enhanced version of the LTE Cat 1 standard, represents a significant advance in mobile communication for the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

RedCap 5G modules from Quectel: cost-effective and energy-efficient

With the RG255C and RM255C, Quectel offers the first RedCap 5G modules (“reduced capacity”) Release 17 as a solderable variant (LGA) or as an M.2 Variant an.

Donations for Christmas 2023

This year, we have decided to support two charitable organizations with a sum of 750 euros each for Christmas.

LTE450 MHz router with IEC-60870-5-104 protocol

Our router, which is freely programmable under Linux and manufactured in Germany, offers you both LTE and LTE 450 MHz switchable in one device. The device can work in the existing LTE network. If a 450 MHz network is established, the router can be switched to 450 MHz without any problems and continue to be used.

Energetic building inspection with the MC100 wMBus and sensors

Use case for energy optimisation in buildings: Data is collected via temperature and humidity sensors to identify energy optimisation measures and reduce energy consumption.

MC-Fleet to control your fleet of IoT devices

With our new device management portal MC-Fleet you easily keep full control and overview of all your IoT devices in the field.

New and exclusive from MC Technologies: First fully railway-certified LTE/GPS adhesive antenna for indoor use

In close cooperation with our partner Panorama Antennas from England, we have developed the first fully railroad certified LTE/GPS indoor antenna on the market.

Long-term process optimization with the MC Technologies IoT Gateway concept

For long-term process optimization, you need access to all relevant data. But these are often not available where they should be evaluated. We at MC Technologies give you the decisive advantage with our IoT gateway concept.

MC Technologies Router

How successful collaboration results in successful products

With our new routers MC MR-LQ and MC MR-L2 the MC Technologies product range is extended by modern and robust devices. The development is based on many years of positive experience, our customers with our Quectel-based devices.

Ready for the EED energy efficiency directive with WMBUS technology

The automatic transfer of measurement data has been making both our professional and private lives easier for years. With the wireless communication interface wireless M-Bus, which is based on the wired M-Bus, a lot more became possible.

Quectel LPWA modules

LPWA, Low-Power Wide-Area, is a generic term and stands for any network for wireless communication with low power consumption. In cooperation with Quectel, we offer various modules in the LPWA (NB-IoT, Cat M1 etc.) area, such as. the BC660K or the BG95 combination module.

MC100 and smart wireless sensors as a platform for IoT applications

Industry 4.0, IoT, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring – all buzzwords that can be seen and heard every day today in the relevant trade press, on the web, in business portals and in webinars.

Remote maintenance, control and monitoring - safely and cost-consciously

With our MC100 GPIO, you can remotely diagnose, predictively maintain or control your machinery and equipment via a variety of digital, analog, serial and sensor interfaces.

Cable assembly with specialized partners

You can trip over cables. But that is not what is meant when the following article deals with the challenges of developing and procuring assembled cables and assemblies.