MC92 Terminal

Intelligent transport systems and logistics optimization:
Traffic control via mobile radio

Mobile network technology for provision of information and controlling of systems

Whether for passenger information at bus stops; controlling of traffic lights or transmission transmitting data for traffic monitoring and traffic density measurement, there is often no line available over which this data can be transmitted. LTE modems allow wireless connection to the control center, autonomously monitor the connection and therefore avoid additional costs for a DSL line and corresponding installation work.

Intelligent traffic control and passenger information can be reliably carried out via the LTE connection using a dynamic passenger information system.

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Manage traffic flows and inform passengers

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Passenger information systems

Flexible LTE technology enables cost-effective, secure connectivity of information displays. No cost-intensive excavation work or DSL lines are required at bus stops or railway stations, allowing even remote locations to be equipped with modern display units showing actual departure times or providing special information. LTE technology also saves money in train stations because no Ethernet or DSL line has to be laid.

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Traffic monitoring

Traffic monitoring systems – whether speed monitoring devices, distance measurement or traffic density measuring systems – are often installed in locations with no wired communications paths available. LTE technology with encrypted communication allows a protected connection for example to a traffic control & guidance system.


Public transport information display units

The MC100 allows transmission of information such as departure times, disruptions or roadworks to bus and train passenger information displays. Announcements – i.e. audio files – can also be transmitted via mobile communictation. Thanks to the LTE connection civil works for DSL lines are required at the passenger stops. This delivers a significant time and cost saving in comparison to wired communications systems.


Traffic control and traffic monitoring

MC100 series devices allow simple, flexible, programmable controlling of traffic guidance systems such as traffic lights, barriers, access systems, etc. The LTE technology is suitable both for stationary use away from DSL connections and for temporary use, e.g. at construction sites. In addition to this, the MC100 modem and, most recently, also the MC92 are ideal for data transmission in speed monitoring and traffic counting systems. Depending on the sensor system the technology can also be used to transmit messages informing about malfunction or vandalism as well as actual data.

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