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Are you looking for information about our products and the different topics at MC Technologies? Or would you like to be informed about our latest product announcements? Whether catalogs, brochures or manuals – here you will find everything at a glance. In our service area we provide the following materials for download:

    • AGB`s/Certificates
    • Brochures about our products
    • Documentation for our devices
    • Firmware for MC Technologies Router
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MC Technologies Catalogs/Brochures


Products & Services

Cable assembly

Smart Meter Accessories (german)

MC Technologies Terms and Conditions / Certificates

Terms and conditions of purchase

Terms of sale

Conflict Minerals Statement

RoHS and REACH Declaration

UN Global Compact

ISO 9001:2015 certificate

KBA Certificate

MC Technologies Router datasheets

MC-LR Router

MC-MR-LQ Router

MC-MR-L2 Router

MC-MR-L2 450 MHz Router

MC Technologies Terminal/Gateway datasheets


MC55iQ Terminal

MC89 Terminal

MC90 Terminal

MC92 Terminal

MC92 Alarm Terminal

MC93 Terminal

MC100 Terminal/Gateway

MC100 Terminal/Gateway Global

MC100 GPIO Terminal/Gateway

MC100 GPIO Terminal Global

MC100 SensT2 Terminal/Gateway

MC100 wMBus Terminal/Gateway

MC Technologies Router Documentations

Quick Guide MC-LR Router

Quick Guide MC-LR-4 Router

Quick Guide MC-MRLQ Router

Quick Guide MC-MRLQ-4 Router

Handbuch MC-LR/MC-LR-4 Router

User guide (de) MC-MRL(-4)/MC-MRH(-4)/MC-MRE(-4) Router

User Guide (de) MC-MRL(-4)/MC-MRLQ(-4) Router

Quick Guide MC-USV Stromversorgung

MC Technologies Terminals/Gateways Documentation

User Manual MC89 Terminal

User Manual PLS8 Terminal

User Guide MC90 Terminal

User Guide MC92 Terminal

Quick Guide MC92 Terminal

User Guide MC93 Terminal

Quick Guide MC100 V2 Terminal/Gateway

User Manual MC100 V2 Terminal/Gateway

MC Technologies configuration and programming software

MC92 Alarm-Terminal Configurator (Windows)

MC Technologies Software Datasheets, Release Notes

OpenWrt 21 Release Note (en)

Firmware updates for MC Technologies routers

The firmware for this product includes software code developed by a third party under the GNU General Public License (“GPL”) or GNU Lesser General Public License (“LGPL”). The GPL and LGPL code included in the firmware for this product is distributed without any warranty or guarantee on the part of the corresponding authors of the software; the copyright for it belongs to one or more authors. More information about the terms of use and the GPL and LGPL code used in this software is available with the firmware or at the following link: Open Source License Terms

The GPL/LGPL code is available on request .

As of the new firmware version x.06.3, the firmware is signed. A downgrade to a previous version is then no longer possible after the update. If you need an urgent downgrade, please contact MC Technologies Support. Downgrading is only possible at the factory.

Update router firmware from version x.05.1 to version x.10.2 (zip file, signed):

Firmware mobile router

Firmware MC-MRL 2.10.5 (23.10.19)

Firmware MC-MRL-4 2.10.5 (23.10.19)

Firmware MRL / MRLQ 2-Port Update 2.11.4

Firmware MRL / MRLQ 4-Port Update 2.11.4

Firmware LAN/WAN router

Firmware MC-LR 2.10.5 (23.10.19)

Firmware MC-LR-4 2.10.5 (23.10.19)