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Secure IoT infrastructure: smart applications for your business

Water and energy networks are among the critical infrastructures whose failure can have serious consequences for the population. Therefore, the management of these networks requires particularly high security and monitoring measures. In the past, for example, a potential gas leak was checked manually and on site by service technicians. Accordingly, this involved a great deal of time and effort. The technicians first determined the gas concentration in the air near the suspected leak. Only then were they able to inspect the relevant lines to locate the source of the leak.

Such manual inspection of critical infrastructures is greatly facilitated by IoT (Internet of Things) applications, for example by using sensors to continuously monitor the gas network and measure the gas concentration in real time. Thanks to this monitoring, a potential leak can be detected more quickly and located promptly. Nowadays, an IoT-based monitoring system also allows you to have alarms triggered in a timely manner as soon as a certain gas concentration value is exceeded. This allows you to continuously monitor more distant gas lines and avoid gas supply outages.

Find out how you can use our devices to set up a secure and stable IoT infrastructure and, for example, also monitor and control electricity, water or district heating supplyNetworks remotely via the Internet.

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For infrastructures such as the electricity or water supply network, the secure collection and transmission of data plays an important role. Critical infrastructure benefits from IoT applications in a variety of ways. After all, without appropriate networking with Internet of Things devices, Networks maintenance and monitoring requires significantly more time and personnel.

The monitoring of lines and equipment in power grids is an important component for the success of the energy transition, for example in grid monitoring and troubleshooting. Valuable time passes until a technician is on site and has located the corresponding cause in the system. The same applies to a water pipe in which a certain water pressure is exceeded, which can cause major damage. With integration into IoT platforms, such problems can be problems, or even completely prevented.

Data transmission with the help of IoT solutions

In the case of transition stations of a local network, secure data transmission is essential. In Industry 4.0, information of electricity or gas flows is collected with the help of IoT devices. Meter values or other important parameters can thus be transferred easily to a central station or to a cloud via a secure network. This also contributes to the security of infrastructures.

In the event of a leak in a water system, for example, you can use the technology to quickly locate the leak. An alarm system can transmit critical data from sensors on the water main to you in real time, allowing you to avoid major damage to the water network and plan a more targeted repair.

An uncomplicated upgrade for a secure and efficient IoT infrastructure is possible with our
terminal and corresponding wireless sensors. There is no complex or costly cabling for you. Instead, the LTE connection enables fast and secure data transfer that you can access at any time. Connect IoT devices such as sensors to the Internet or mobile network using the terminal and manage the systems conveniently from a distance. The terminal is capable of collecting data from multiple meters and uploading it wirelessly to your corporate server or a cloud service.


Monitor and control smart Networks

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In electricity or gas networks, you can use our LTE routers to monitor transfer stations, among other things. With the help of the router, you are able to read the meters before the transfer point into the local network and maintain them via VPN accesses if necessary. Thanks to integrated security features, such as transmission via IPsec or OpenVPN tunnel as well as a firewall, sensitive data in a cloud or on your company servers is protected from third-party access such as cyberattacks.

Our wide range of products also includes the modem
which is also suitable for switching and monitoring systems. Connect sensors or actuators to the modem as required. For example, you can record the operating status of a pump at any time, transmit the data or switch the pump remotely. This works with our modem MC92 even uncomplicated and conveniently via SMS. With the help of our devices, such switching operations are possible without wired communication.

Since you can also keep an eye on the actual consumption of end customers with the help of intelligent systems, smart infrastructures make it possible to distribute electricity, water or gas in a demand-optimized manner. Thanks to such a focus on end-use, you have the chance to improve the distribution of resources, avoiding at the same time over- or under-supply.

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Increasing efficiency with IoT devices from MC Technologies

An IoT infrastructure allows you to network different IoT devices together. Thanks to wireless data transmission, you are able to seamlessly monitor even remote seamlessly monitor and control them remotely if necessary. Read valuable consumer data to tailor water, electricity or gas supply to customer needs.

As one of the leading European manufacturers in the field of industrial mobile data transmission, we offer you proven IoT applications for your company thanks to over 20 years of experience. If you wish, we can adapt our products to your individual requirements so that you receive a customized solution.

Please feel free to contact us. We work with you to find the right IoT devices for data transmission or system monitoring so that you can benefit from more efficient, flexible and secure infrastructures in the future.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Increased efficiency: Data analysis is facilitated by automated processes.
  • Intelligent and flexible systems: Real-time data acquisition enables better monitoring and control of Networks.
  • Better customization capabilities: Data can be used to identify consumer patterns, enabling better targeting of customer needs.
  • Cost savings: Reduce your expenses through shortened and optimized maintenance times and fewer network outages.
  • Increased safety: Faults such as leaks are detected at an early stage and you can determine causes more specifically.
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