MC Fleet

One to rule them all ...

MC Fleet to control your fleet of IoT devices.

Our new device management portal, MC Fleet, gives you effortless control and a comprehensive view of all your IoT devices in the field.

By following a few steps, you can transfer precise configurations and software updates to the appropriate devices. At the same time, you always have complete control over relevant device information such as signal quality, connection status, location, firmware status and more.

MC Fleet also simplifies the management of the secure VPN connection to your devices and assets. This is done with minimal configuration effort and optimized data traffic.

The system offers comprehensive flexibility in terms of device assignment, user management and the assignment of rights. This is done via an intuitive user interface that supports any client structure.

MC Fleet is available both as a cloud solution and as an on-premise solution. If you are interested in a powerful and user-friendly management portal, we invite you to contact us for a presentation of the portal.

Our sales staff is looking forward to your inquiry.