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CHP control & monitoring: Economical operation of energy centers with combined heat and power plants

People are rarely seen here. CHP units generate heat and electricity in remote basements. And highly efficiently. In order to obtain information about the condition of the equipment at any time, the system operators do not have to enter the energy center. A remote monitoring system, the LEA-Box from the technical service provider Luana Technics & Engineering records all important plant parameters with a large number of sensors. It continuously reads the current values of water meters, gas, electricity and heat meters, pumps, boilers and motors and transmits the data to the LEA portal developed in-house – the service center.

“Plant monitoring functions largely automatically. If, for example, the flow temperature falls below a preset minimum value, the system triggers a fault message,” reports Malte Brakhage, project engineer at Luana. The alerted 24-hour trouble-shooting team can then access the plant values via the LEA portal. Based on the fault message and the information in the LEA portal, the cause of the fault can usually be determined remotely. “In the event of a system malfunction, a technician must rectify the fault as quickly as possible. Via remote monitoring, every second on-site call-out can be avoided. The data show, for example, that there is no malfunction in the plant itself, but that only a single apartment may be affected. Often, for example, it is enough for tenants to vent their heating. With the help of remote monitoring, this saves the need for a fitter. This reduces costs, especially in the case of error messages on weekends,” adds the project engineer.

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