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LPWA „Low-Power Wide-Area“

LPWA is a generic term and stands for any network for low power wireless communication. This technology covers a large distance or area.

The long distance and low power consumption enable the transmission of small amounts of data of a few kilobits. In the age of IoT and M2M communication, this is just the right thing for many applications!

For transmission of larger amounts of data, such as video or audio, LTE-Advance or 5G is available.

In cooperation with Quectel, we offer various modules in the LPWA (NBIoT, Cat M1 etc.) area, such as. the BC660K or the BG95 combination module.

You will also find antennas in the low-power wide-area range. From SMT to roof antennas. As an official distributor of Quectel modules and antennas, we use our experience to work with you to find the perfect solution for your application.

Quectel products can also be found in many MCT devices, such as our MC100 family or our MRLQ router.

We look forward to working with you.

New Quectel 5G modules

Quectel has launched two new 5G NR (New Radio) modules: RG500S and RM500S. The modules are based on the new Qualcomm 315 5G IoT modem.

The new modules support 5G NR sub-6GHz bands in stand-alone (SA) mode and offer backward compatibility with LTE networks. With network slicing in SA mode, both modules are able to provide end-to-end traffic isolation for critical traffic, guaranteed data rates and bandwidths, and lower latency than non-standalone (NSA) mode, meeting the needs of typical industrial and enterprise scenarios.

Both modules are equipped with numerous interfaces and feature high-speed USB 3.0/3.1, PCIe 3.0, U(SIM), RGMII and more. In addition, a GNSS receiver is integrated to simplify product design and provide accurate positioning services to the user.

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