MIMO antennas: Multiple Input Multiple Output for maximum bandwidth

Why LTE and MIMO technology?

LTE is the network of the future, and the “multiple input multiple output” transmission method with so-called MIMO technology is also playing an increasingly important role in the field of mobile communications/multiband antennas.

MIMO antennas have multiple transmit and receive antennas – as the name implies, MIMO-compatible devices send as well as receive multiple messages simultaneously during communication.

In order to take advantage of the high performance of the current devices such as routers, it is important to choose the right antenna, since only LTE MIMO antennas can ensure maximum bandwidth in LTE mobile communications. This is enormously important, especially in use cases with real-time application, such as M2M applications in industry.

In this technique, two antennas are placed in a housing and these are polarized 90° apart. This is also the reason why these antennas have two feed lines instead of one. High-quality LTE routers, such as our MC MRLQ router, support this MIMO function.

In practice, this means that you only get proportionally more bandwidth with a normal “single antenna” than with HSPA. Your system is thus slowed down.

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